Best Jogging Stroller To Buy in 2023 (Top 7 Extended Reviews)

If you want to quickly get back in shape after pregnancy, keeping regular physical activity is definitely the way to go. But what if you can combine daily jogging with taking your baby for a walk and a big breath of fresh air. You can do so with the best jogging strollers that are available on the market right now. Don’t mistake a regular stroller for a jogging stroller since these have some special features that make them suited for physical activity while offering the same comfort for your infant. The best jogging stroller, unlike an umbrella stroller, is equipped with larger wheels, better suspension, ergonomic handles, cup holders as well as extra security systems to hold the baby in place during the exercise. Of course, this is just the surface of how to get the best jogging stroller and we’re going to go into details in the article below. So, without further ado, let’s see what exactly makes the best jogging stroller and where you can buy it.

Best Jogging Strollers – Buying Guide

Jogging With an Infant?

Why not? It’s extremely convenient since you can do two tasks at once. Get some physical activity for yourself and take the baby for a nice walk in nature. Also, if you want to encourage your baby to enjoy outdoor activities, it is one of the best ways to do so from an early age. Of course, safety is the most important factor and when you’re running with the stroller right beside you, only high-quality strollers can provide the required comfort and safety standards. That’s why you should go for the best jogging stroller for sale even if it goes a bit over your budget.

Having a Baby Doesn’t Mean You Need to Give Up Jogging!

Having a child is definitely a life-changing event, however, it doesn’t mean you have to totally lose focus of yourself as you focus on the baby. It goes without saying that there will be less time for training and personal stuff, however, with proper equipment and time management, you can get it done. One of the most important pieces of equipment in combining taking care of a baby and getting enough physical activity is the jogging stroller. Even though it might not sound like the best idea to get a regular stroller and a jogging one, you will thank yourself later.

How Can Jogging with a Stroller Be Beneficial?

Running with a stroller brings a lot of positive effects for both the parents and the infants. The baby benefits from fresh air and outdoor time which is highly beneficial for their development while you get a huge list of advantages:

  • Helps you recover mentally and physically after pregnancy
  • It’s the best way to lose the extra pounds that have been added during pregnancy
  • You remain active and you receive a lot of energy for all those parenting requirements
  • It’s definitely more entertaining for the infant rather than a regular walk in a stroller

Let’s Find the Best Jogging Strollers!

Of course, all those advantages only apply if you have the absolute best jogging stroller that fits your running style. You have to always keep in mind that, more than getting an accessory for your child, you are getting a fitness gear at the same time.

Most Important Features on a Jogger

It’s natural that you want to buy the best jogging stroller so that you and your kid can enjoy awesome experience outside. And to do just that you need to know what are the most important features that determine the best jogging stroller.


The best jogging strollers have three wheels equipped with rubber tires that are air-filled. The front wheel is usually smaller than the rear ones, however, that’s not a must. The regular size of wheels is anywhere between 12 and 16 inches and they can go even higher for the all-terrain strollers. The wheels of the best jogging stroller are capable to handle different terrain while absorbing shocks properly.


Also important when defining the best jogging stroller, the suspension plays a big part in the comfort of your infant. Even though some parents may prefer a bumpier ride to help their kids fall asleep, you shouldn’t expose them to repeated shocks as you’d get on grass.


Another feature that is very important in determining the best jogging stroller is the brake system. Even if you might think you can always control the stroller through the handle, especially when going downhill, you will appreciate the hand brake to help you slow down.

Safety Strap

Considered to be an additional safety feature by most parents, the safety strap refers to the wrist strap that allows you to always have control on the stroller even if your hands are not fixed on the handlebar. The best jogging strollers have a wider safety strap that will allow some hand movement to make running with the stroller a lot more natural.


Yes, the best jogging strollers are bigger than your regular umbrella strollers or any other type and that can make maneuvering through tight spaces a bit more difficult. However, you’re forgetting that the jogger stroller isn’t destined for malls or supermarkets.

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

If you want to start jogging with the stroller from the first weeks after birth, it is important that the stroller is compatible with a car seat. This is important because the infant can’t hold their posture and it may be dangerous to use the stroller alone.

Product Locking Front Wheel Safety System Wheel Size Rating
Bob Jogging Stroller Revolution Flex Yes 5-point harness 12” front / 16” rear

4.8 of 5

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller Yes 3-point harness 12.5” front / 16” rear

4.6 of 5

Thule Jogging Stroller Urban Glide 2 No Safety Belt 12” front / 16” rear

4.5 of 5

Bob Ironman – Running Stoller Yes 5-point harness 16” front / rear

4.3 of 5

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller Yes 5-point harness 16” front / rear

4.2 of 5

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Yes 5-point harness 12” front / 16” rear

4.2 of 5

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Yes 3-point harness 10” front / 16” rear

4.1 of 5

Best Overall: Bob Jogging Stroller Revolution FlexBob Jogging Stroller Revolution Flex

The Bob stroller is possibly the best jogging stroller out on the market right now and there are many facts to back up this affirmation. The cost of this jogging stroller might seem a bit steep for some users, however, you get a lot of options for the money you spend. First, you have an adjustable handlebar that can be set on 9 different levels. The adjustable suspension makes the ride smooth and comfortable for your infant and the seat is extremely comfortable even at higher speeds. The tires on this jogging stroller are made of rubber and you can adjust the air pressure in them to tweak the comfort levels to the max. Next, the sun canopy does a great job covering the baby entirely to offer maximum protection against sun, wind or rain. You won’t find any cup holders on the stroller, however, you won’t need it during an intense exercise with the Bob jogging stroller.

  • Big wheels adapted for any kind of terrain
  • Performant suspension to offer a smooth ride for the infant
  • Adjustable handle and seat
  • Limited storage space

Best-Selling: Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

The second-best in our baby jogger list, the stroller produced by Joovy is relatively new on the market but it enjoys excellent selling numbers. Actually, it offers comparable features and functions with the ones Bob delivers at a lower price. So, why did it only take second place, then? Well, simply because the overall quality and durability seem much better with the Bob model. Not saying that this stroller doesn’t offer quality, however, you will be a bit reluctant going high speed with it. In terms of features you will simply love the independent rear suspension, the awesome sun canopy and comfortable seat, the cup holders and the center console for your phone. An impressive feature to set the Joovy apart from other models is the lack of a rear axis. That allows you to take bigger steps without worrying about hitting the back of the stroller. In terms of maneuverability, the Joovy does an awesome job with an aluminum frame that is also stylish and sleek. The big wheels allow you to go over rougher terrain without worrying about stability and your infant will love the entire experience.

  • No rear-wheel axis to watch out for during your run
  • Big wheels for excellent maneuverability
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Not adjustable handle

Thule Jogging Stroller Urban Glide 2

Another one of our top running strollers comes from Thule, a company that is well-known for its high-quality products in multiple niches. Offering an excellent jogging experience, this stroller can take a maximum load of 75 pounds which is a really amazing figure considering that it’s also light and very maneuverable. The sitting position is about 21 inches above the ground so that offers a great experience and an awesome view for the infant if they’re interested in such things. Compared to other jogging strollers, the Thule Urban Glide seems like Rolls Royce among regular cars, however, it only got the third place in our list due to the price that is considerably higher as well. The front wheel has a 12-inch diameter while the rear whiles have 16 inches for improved stability and maneuverability on rough terrain. And the suspension system for the wheels is simply stunning, allowing your baby to sleep through the entire exercise.

  • Extremely strong and durable materials
  • High-efficiency suspension system
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Several reclining positions for the seat
  • High price

Bob Ironman Running and Jogging Stroller

You could find it a bit curious that this is the second BOB jogging stroller review in the list. It’s not because we were unbiased in our reviewing process but they simply make high-quality strollers that can’t be left aside. This model is more of a running stroller rather than a jogging one, meaning that it is designed for even higher speeds and longer distances. It has an all-wheel suspension system, a fixed front wheel for improved stability at high speeds, and, of course, rubber tires that can be adjusted in terms of air pressure. Another thing that shows you this stroller is made for high-speed running is the hand brake which, unlike other strollers, doesn’t have the role to keep the stroller in one place when stopped. You use it to slow down at high speeds or when going downhill. You may think this is a feature that isn’t that necessary, however, as your baby gets heavier you will love the extra control it gives you.

  • Designed for high-speed
  • Light and durable materials to offer it stability and resistance
  • Fixed front wheel for better stability
  • Manual-activated hand brake
  • Fixed front wheel

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller

The fifth position in our list of top-rated strollers, the Schwinn jogging stroller is a good mix of performance, quality, and reasonable price. It might not be up there dealing with Bob and Thule for the best running stroller position, however, it does have a lot of features and accessories that ensured it a place in our list. It comes with large wheels, the front one being larger than the others for improved maneuverability, and it is equipped with a bicycle brake to slow down when needed. As an extra for music lovers, the canopy comes with two small speakers that could either be used to calm the infant during walks or play motivating music for you while you run.

  • Sturdy build with high-quality materials
  • Adjustable canopy to cover the entire seat
  • Big wheels with rubber tires for maximum comfort
  • Small speakers

Baby Jogger Summit X3

The Summit X3 offers you most of the features of the Bob Ironman at an even more affordable price. You get a swivel front wheel which is not exactly great if you’re planning to run at higher speeds, however, it’s still a great jogging stroller. You will find that it is sturdy and feels great on a bumpier road thanks to the high-quality materials used for building it. The all-wheel suspension ensures a very smooth ride for your baby and, most importantly, the canopy can cover the entire seat to protect your baby from the elements during your morning runs. Remember that, even if you don’t mind a few drops of rain or a nice breeze, your baby stays still and doesn’t enjoy the same body heat as you do. The handlebar is fixed and mounted in a position reachable by most parents, however, taller persons might find it difficult to operate the stroller while running.

  • Front wheel can be locked or unlocked, according to your preferences
  • High-quality suspension system
  • Good canopy cover
  • Fixed handlebar

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

If you’re not looking for something very complicated, the Baby Trend Expedition is what you want. This stroller will save you a good amount of cash and still offer you the needed features for a nice jogging stroller. You won’t get the build quality or maneuverability of the Bob or Thule, however, the price can go even 50% lower. The front wheel measures 12” and is locked in a position with no ability to let it swivel around while the rear wheels measure 16” each and benefit from a high-quality suspension for smooth rides even at higher speeds or going over bumps. You get a lot of storage compartments, a handle with an ergonomic angle, an adjustable canopy, and a reclining seat with multiple positions.

  • Good quality and an affordable price
  • Adjustable canopy and handlebar
  • Big rear wheels for improved maneuverability
  • Not very sturdy and durable


A jogging stroller is definitely different from a regular stroller and you had a chance to learn why from our comprehensive jogging stroller reviews and a buying guide. When getting a stroller for exercise, you are supposed to think not only about the baby but about yourself as well. How fast do you run? What terrain do you prefer? Are you strong enough to control the additional weight or will you need hand brakes on the best jogging stroller? These are a few of the questions to answer before making a purchase. However, if you are in need of a solid recommendation, we are happy to confirm that the Bob Jogging Stroller Revolution Flex is the best jogging stroller for money, with an adjustable handlebar and excellent tires for a smooth ride. It is safe for both you and your baby and will help you stay fit and your child get used to a healthy lifestyle from an early age. Buy the best jogging stroller today and never miss a running session!

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