How to Choose A Best Baby Jogging Stroller

Exercising is important for every person, and many mothers choose to jog for their daily exercise. Unfortunately, regular baby strollers are difficult to maneuver, and they usually slow you down.

The idea is to exercise through jogging, not fighting with your regular baby stroller. Baby jogging strollers are designed just for the purpose of aiding you while you are jogging, and still being comfortable for your child.

When you are shopping around for the best baby jogging stroller, you are going to come across quite a few different ones, and you may wind up confused about which of the baby jogging strollers is the right one.

The easy answer is that there is no wrong choice, but there are a few things that you should know about baby jogging strollers before you get in over your head.

Choose A Best Baby Jogging Stroller


The best baby jogging stroller comes in three basic wheel sizes: 12 inches, 16 inches, and 20 inches. The 12-inch wheels are the best choice for walking on smooth terrains, like tracks and sidewalks. The 16-inch wheels are better suited for walking and jogging on the same surfaces as the 12-inch wheels, but they can be used on more bumpy surfaces, like grass and smooth paths. The 20-inch wheels allow you to walk or jog on rough terrain and are typically used for longer distances.


For the wheels and hubs of your baby jogging stroller, you should choose one that is made from an alloy instead of one that is made from steel. With steel, there is an issue of weight and rusting. The alloy is much lighter and easier to take care of.

The frame material is also important. Some models have metal tubing that is only connected with plastic joint pieces, while others are made from aluminum and are welded at the joints. The latter is what you want for your baby jogging stroller. The aluminum material allows the stroller to be much more lightweight anyway.

Swiveling wheels

There are some baby jogging strollers that will have swiveling wheels. This is the ideal choice if you will be using the baby jogging stroller for walking around the mall. The swiveling front wheels of the baby jogging stroller can also be locked so that you have tracking and stability for jogging.

Safety harness

One of the most important aspects of any baby jogging stroller is the safety harness system. This harness is what will keep your child safe while riding inside the stroller. The safety harness should be no less than a 5-point system. If something happens and you lose your grasp of the stroller, you want to make sure that the safety wrist tether isn’t going to cause your child to fling out of the baby jogging stroller head first.

In addition to all of the points above, you are likely going to consider the price of the baby jogging strollers as well. Baby jogging strollers will vary in their pricing. A few factors that influence the price of baby jogging strollers are the brand and what they are made from.

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