Best Travel Systems for Newborns – Detailed Guide

Carrying your baby in the car can be hard. It is better to use a travel system for newborns and toddlers which will make it easier on you when going up and down from your vehicle while keeping both of you comfortable.

The best baby travel system can be a car seat-stroller combo. The babies will love to play with the hanging toys in their strollers and they also get an opportunity to walk around inside it too! However, parents usually prefer strollers because you can easily push them along while walking through parks which is more convenient than carrying your newborn all along.

Strollers are the best way to take your baby around. Different types of strollers allow you and your little one an enjoyable trip even if it’s a long journey. They also help parents have their hands free when they need them most, for example in carrying things or holding onto something while climbing stairs!

Strollers can be used as wonderful traveling buddies with babies, especially on journeys that make parents tired easily due to their lightweight structure; this is supported by various models available at very affordable prices.

Best Travel Systems for Newborns 2022

There are tons of lightweight travel systems for babies available in the market. There is a wide variety and an array of brands to choose from, so you can be sure that there’s something out there for everyone! Our picks are given below.

1.Chicco Bravo Trio– Affordable Travell Stroller

The Chicco Bravo Trio travel system is one of the best options for parents. Both the stroller and car seat are rated very high in safety and comfort, with features like a five-point harness, extra padding around seats, as well as handles that consumers appreciate.

A great option for consumers looking for an elegant and safe travel car seat and stroller system. This comprehensive baby item has several components that appeal to many different types of people.

The stroller is the perfect combination of durability and maneuverability. This durable product makes sharp turns a breeze with its high-quality wheels that won’t get stuck in any terrain.

The storage space of the stroller is large enough for most people and does not add a significant amount to its weight.

This stroller is popular among parents for being a durable, long-lasting product that suits the needs of multiple children.

With the simple and easy-to-use travel system, you can easily fold it up when not in use without having a hard time putting everything back together.

Compared to their competitors, the travel system is more compact when both components are stowed away.

The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is an excellent option for parents with babies. It’s durable, scored well on safety tests, and has a sleek design that will look good in nearly any home. With proper care this product should last over multiple generations to come; it could be something your great-grandchildren use!

The parent compartment in the top is an inconvenient shape that wouldn’t be able to fit many things.

For some people, the stroller is big and bulky. It can be hard to carry around if you have another child or a lot of things in your arms. However, this does not always need to be the case for everyone else!

  • Easily all the system fits together.
  • The car seat is easy to adjust.
  • Well-built and seems like it will last a long time.
  • The parent compartment in the top is an inconvenient shape.
  • For some people, the stroller is big and bulky.

Why should you buy this?

This system has worked wonders for travel needs with a baby or toddler. It is great to use from an infant base car seat to the stroller and it’s also smooth pushing, making shopping easy at times too. The whole thing seems affordable compared to other options out there as well which makes this product even better than expected!

2.BRITAX B-Lively– Best Compact Travel Stroller

There’s a lot of buzz about The BRITAX B-Lively Travel System. Now you want to know if it lives up to its reputation, and I don’t blame you! It’s compatible with the brand’s car seats right out of the box, using this neat little system called Click & Go that consists of clipping your seat onto the stroller frame. This is very practical because other models require an adapter purchase; but not for this one!

BRITAX B-Lively Travel System is a compact stroller with an automatic lock that prevents it from unfolding accidentally once folded. This one-hand fold system requires just one easy motion to both lift and collapse the stroller, saving time when you’re in a rush or on vacation out of town.

It keeps children secure with its 5-point harness and head pad. The seat adapter allows the car seat to be compatible with many other brands, making this a versatile option for parents who need something that will grow alongside their child.

The BRITAX B-is seat is padded and supportive of the body. The 5-point harness can be easily adjusted without unhooking straps, making it great for any child on the go!

It is best for a child weighing up to 55 pounds, it comes with an additional recline feature. It’s perfect for newborns and any baby less than 56 lbs.

A travel system that provides sun protection with a large canopy and cool relief through see-through mesh ventilation windows on the canopy is best for newborns and toddlers.

This stroller will give you the ultimate comfort with its comfortable suspension and swivel front wheels which allow for easier maneuverability.

This stroller has a one-hand fold system which makes it easy to carry and maneuver. It’s compatible with child seats, so you can put your child in the seat while they’re still sitting inside of this stroller! This will be ideal for when you want to take them out too or go shopping.

This stroller does not have a universal car seat adapter. The harness buckle can be stiff and this makes it difficult to get the baby in, especially when they are fussy or tired from being in their car seat for too long on a drive home. There is no tray either which means there’s no place where you could put snacks down if your child was hungry during an outing.

While traveling with children becomes easier as our parenting skills improve over time, finding ways to make sure we always bring essentials like diapers or toys along while also taking care of ourselves may prove challenging at first but through trial and error eventually become second nature! For example- If you’re shopping around for different travel systems consider features such as whether each system includes appropriate storage.

  • One hand easy fold system
  • Compatibility with child seats
  • Easy to maneuver
  • No universal car seat adapter
  • The harness buckle can be stiff
  • No tray in the stroller

Why should you buy this?

The Britax brand is one of the most respected when it comes to safety gear. This system honestly makes parenting a lot easier! I never thought about how messy grocery shopping with children can be until now. If you have an infant in tow and they fall asleep, this stroller attachment from Britax will make life so much less stressful for parents like me who find themselves juggling multiple items while trying not to wake their child up or drop everything on the floor. No longer do we need to contort our bodies into awkward shapes just so that we don’t disturb them; simply undo your car seat latch by pressing down on said button below, hook onto your stroller handlebar all without waking baby up or dropping anything.

3.UPPAbaby Vista – Best 3-in-1 Travel System

The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller prides itself on being an eco-friendly and best travel system for newborns to toddlers that your child can grow with. With the bassinet, you’ll be able to carry your baby from when he/she is still a newborn until they’re ready to sit up in their stroller seat which comes as part of this set.

With the simple turn of a wrist, you can change your stroller from facing you to forward-facing so that baby gets to see all those big and beautiful things in life.

TheUPPAbaby Vista Strollerhas a large basket underneath so you can store your belongings instead of carrying them. With six unique colors to choose from, there will be one that both suits you and matches the style of your baby’s stroller.

The UPPAbaby Eco-friendly Vista Stroller is adjustable so that you can find a comfortable height. The handlebar extends and retracts, accommodating both your husband’s or partner’s preference as well as yours with the simple twist of an arm.

The Stroller is made to give a smooth and sturdy ride, with shock-absorbing front and rear suspension that avoids bumping on the pavement. Because it has high-performance aluminum spoke wheels coated in rubber you will not have to worry about flat tires either.

A lightweight aluminum alloy makes this stroller sturdy and durable, capable of lasting you for years with your child.

This is easy to handle and maneuver, making it great for parents who are often on the go. It can be pushed using just one hand so you never have to worry about juggling a baby in the other arm as well!

The UPPAbaby Stroller is a sturdy, eco-friendly stroller. The mesh canopy and bug shield protect your baby from the sun, rain, and even bugs while on an outdoor adventure! It’s compatible with other brands’ infant car seats to easily transition between different modes of transport in one easy motion. Lastly, it has very smooth wheels that are easy to turn as you stroll along.

This is a heavy-duty travel system. It’s large and difficult to turn or steer in crowds when it has two seats, but if you’re looking for something that can handle lots of wear and tear then this stroller would be perfect!

  • Eco-friendly stroller.
  • Protect your baby from the sun, the rain, and even the bugs.
  • Compatible with infant car seats from other brands.
  • The wheels are very smooth and easy to turn.
  • Fairly expensive travel system.Vista is very bulky once folded.With two seats is a bit more difficult to turn and steer in crowds.

Why should you buy this?

This stroller is a blessing. It’s easy to use, lightweight with a smart and flexible design. The car seat comes fully assembled while the stroller and bassinet took about 10 minutes for me to put together myself (and I’m not particularly handy). If you need instructions, they’re very clear as well!

4.Evenflo Viva Travel System– Stroller with Detachable Car Seat

The Evenflo Viva Select Travel System is an affordable stroller that offers ultimate convenience and comfort without burning a hole in your pocket. This 4.5/5 star rated baby travel system (proof here) is one of the best-selling combinations in stores right now with its features like Bluetooth speakers to play music for your little angel as well as parent-friendly cup holders!

The best travel systems for babies come with a removable wet wipes dispenser, which eliminates the threat of your baby making a mess that will force you to either rush back home or make it in time before ending up dirty.

The one-hand steering provides you with easy maneuvering and the retracting child’s tray that will not hit the floor when folding ensures convenience.

The Evenflo Viva stroller is also fitted with a large parent console that has two cup holders, as well as car-specific grippers. You can therefore carry your coffee around while on the go without worrying about it spilling everywhere!

The stroller is super comfortable for your baby and incredibly easy to steer. The revolutionary suspension system lets you go over any bumps, cracks, or curbs with ease! Your child will definitely be riding in style as the harness easily adjusts between 3-point and 5-point styles depending on what they’re feeling at that moment. And if it doesn’t fit right away just pop them into their car seat (sold separately) until they grow a bit bigger!

The Evenflo Travel System is ideal for mothers who want to protect their babies. The durability of the stroller allows you to ride your second baby on it too, or even give it away if a friend needs one without worrying about its performance.

TheEvenflo travel systemstroller comes with a detachable car seat that is not too big or small. It has various pockets, trays and cup holders which can be used while out in the town shopping.

The Evenflo travel system’s car seat base is difficult to adjust once installed. The stroller is flimsy and hard to steer, while the light color of fabric shows dirt quickly requiring regular cleaning.

  • It comes with a detachable car seat that is not too big or small.
  • The stroller has various pockets, trays, and cup holders.
  • The stroller can be used with a toddler.
  • The car seat base is a bit difficult to adjust to a different height once installed.
  • The stroller is flimsy and difficult to steer.
  • The light color of the fabric shows dirt quickly, and regular cleaning is required.

Why should you buy this?

Evenflo Vive Travel system is great for a trip to the mall or even taking long walks. The car seat has some awesome features that make it easier to get your child in and out while still knowing that you have the belts in a position that will be safest for the child. So versatile and compact. Compared to other travel systems it’s affordable and well worth it.

5.Baby Trend Nexton – Adjustable Height

If you are looking for the best and most comfortable seat for your little child, Baby Trend Expedition Nexton is Best Travel System Stroller for Newborns. It has locks to keep children safe and swivel wheels that let parents turn corners safely with no problems at all.

The system is a safety feature that ensures your child has an excellent grip on the seat belt.

The travel system is lightweight and this makes it easy to handle. For example, the owners can load it in a car if they want to use it far from home.

The system has an amazing canopy with a peek-a-boo window that swivels in every direction. It’s also got well-designed wheels to help you control strollers, shops, and stores easily!

The system has a great MP3 player with quality speakers in the back to allow for the baby’s favorite tunes.

In addition, there is a covered partition in the carrier so you can keep your mobile phone while riding around with the baby.

This stroller can be easily adjusted to fit the height of parents so no matter how tall or short you are, it is easy and comfortable for anyone. The twelve wheels help in tackling any path with ease while an adjustable handle makes it simple enough that even little children can use this too!

The Baby Trend Nexton Travel System Stroller ensures the baby’s safety with its Flex Lock Car Seat. In addition, it has special covers that shield from sunlight and dust to provide a comfortable environment for your child in transit.

The Baby Trend Nexton Travel System Stroller has an easy-to-adjust height perfect for ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. It also comes with a large storage bucket underneath the stroller so you won’t have to carry around extra bags!

The Baby Trend Nexton Travel System Stroller is an expensive stroller that might be difficult to fold and lift. It also weighs a lot because of the compartment in it, making it too heavy for some people.

  • Easily portable
  • Easy to adjust its height for the purpose of a safe and convenient ride
  • Large storage bucket underneath the stroller
  • This is an expensive stroller
  • Difficult to fold and lift
  • Heavy stroller due to the compartment in the stroller

Why should you buy this?

It’s great for moms recovering from delivery and not looking for anything difficult to handle. It is secure and strong enough to keep the baby safe and comfortable! The special triangular-shaped handle on the car seat is great for changing your grips.

Key Consideration for Buying Best Baby Travel System

Here is the key consideration that you should look for when buying a travel stroller.

Light Pushchair

Although weight may not seem like a big thing, it actually makes all the difference! Parents in New York City and other crowded places should know that strollers are hard to manage. However, having an 11kg stroller is much easier than ultra-light cutlery at 6.7 kgs because you can carry them on your back while walking upstairs or through small spaces without any difficulty even if they’re filled with kids.


When you’re traveling with your baby, every inch of space counts. Having a stroller that doesn’t take up the entire trunk is important because there’s also going to be room for cots, high chairs and diaper bags.

Easy Folding

When you open and close your stroller ten times a day, the folding system needs to be convenient. If it’s difficult for you to do so, then having an easier time with another type of stroller might make life better! So this feature is very important when choosing which one works best for your lifestyle.

How We Have Picked Best Travel Systems Strollers

We ran a real-time survey and asked parents about the best lightweight travel system strollers they love. The top strollers were compared based on the common features they shared. Our own research is also added to make this article interesting.

Following this research before you buy a travel system, you will be able to narrow down your search to two brands and choose the best travel system for newborns and toddlers.

Final Words

You can see that parents like you have a variety of options. There is no need to deprive your baby of the baby travel system. As soon as you travel with your newborn or toddler, you will be able to appreciate how important it is for you to choose the right travel system.

Traveling with a newborn is a great experience because little kids can go along as well. They can be taken wherever you want as long as you have a good travel system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Travel System

Can I take my stroller with me on the plane?

Yes, if the stroller is “cabin” approved, you can board the plane without having to put it on hold. There are many cabin-size strollers that can be easily folded up and stowed away with hand luggage. The “cabin stroller” has the advantage of being more versatile for the rest of the trip. The smallest stroller in the world is the Pockit from the GB brand.

What are the important criteria for choosing the right travel stroller?

A stroller is chosen mainly according to the age of the passenger and according to his morphology. Other aspects also come into play like how you travel, what features you need, and how much money you have. When traveling, it is recommended to opt for an ultralight and compact stroller to be able to take it everywhere. You also have to think about handling: there is nothing more cumbersome than a stroller unsuitable for walks. Comfort is also an important criterion in choosing a smaller vehicle.

Is it better to take a stroller or a baby carrier when traveling?

According to parents who have experienced traveling with small children, having a stroller makes the vacation much more enjoyable. Even if in some places the use is restricted, the stroller will still be used: for trips to the airport, trips to the hotel, a nap on the beach out of the sun, or to enjoy the balmy evenings while keeping baby protected from mosquitoes! Opt for a light and compact stroller for ease of movement.

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