What is the Difference Between Pram and Stroller

While you have just welcomed your baby to the home, there are some essential things that you may need to buy for his/her comfort.

A baby stroller is one of the most important things which not only comforts the child but also helps you take a sigh of relief by allowing you to carry your kid around in the stroller.

Baby Pram and Strollers are wheeled devices that are used to carry kids. Depending on your convenience and also of your child’s. Age is an important requirement when it concerns picking baby transport, along with various offers for toddlers and children.

Difference Between Pram and Stroller

Prams and strollers are used interchangeably; however, their main difference is that prams are used to carry newborn babies until they can sit up while strollers are used to carry toddlers or infants who are already able to sit up.

Another significant difference between the two is prams are bulky and heavy which is not the right choice for child transport when going to the malls or when carrying them in the car.

On the other side, strollers are lightweight and most models of strollers are collapsible. Additionally, prams’ carriages are high while the strollers’ seats ride low to the ground.

There are baby carriages that are a hybrid of prams and strollers which are practical to buy as you will not have to change the carriage quickly as your child gets older.

However, in choosing the best carriage, you should consider your child’s comfort.

What is Pram?

pram is a short form for the word Perambulator. It is a wheeled carrier for a baby. It is so designed so that the baby can sleep in it if needed.

Prams have carriages with a soft flat bottom which allows you to put your infants to sleep comfortably in a lying position while you walk them around with you.

They also have a wide canopy, usually half covering the carriage, to protect the infants from the sun or dust. They also have wheels that allow you to push the carriage easily.

  • Prams are best suited for newborn babies and infants.
  • Appears like a Moses basket on wheels.
  • There is no harness or other safety arrangements.
  • The baby needs to be in the lying position all the time.
  • The carriage is also known as Baby Carriage.
  • Heavy and bulky. Not easily portable.

What is a Stroller?

A stroller is also known as a pushchair or buggy in the British. Strollers are designed as chairs where a child can sit. The seats have a restraint system consisting of a harness, safety belt, and crotch strap that secures the infant in a sitting position.

They also have hoods or canopy for protection that protect the infants from weather, and they also have wheels which make transporting very convenient.

  • The Strollers are best meant for those kids who can sit upright. If your kid has not yet learned how to sit, you may not be able to use Strollers.
  • Appears like a chair on wheels
  • The Strollers are also alternatively called Pushchair and Buggy in some regions.
  • The carriage can look like a chair placed on wheels.
  • Rеlаtivеlу lightweight and easily portable.

Types of Prams

Thеrе аrе different types оf prams depending оn thеir utility.

1. 3-in-1 Travel System

Thiѕ iѕ thе mоѕt convenient option for people whо аrе аlwауѕ оn thе go. A 3-in-1 travel system or Trio Pram allows you to attach three or two different components on the same frame, namely the carrycot, the car seat (egg), and the stroller seat.

The idea is to simplify the life of parents by offering a single solution.

The 3-in-1 travel system is used from the birth of the child up to about 1 year and a half or two years of the child, depending on the models. After this age, it will be advisable to buy a stroller and a car seat suitable for older children.

Features to Look

Think about your Needs: The most important point is to choose a product that reflects your lifestyle: sporty parents will need a stroller with wide, cushioned wheels; those who live in the city probably need a compact and easy-to-close model, “says the expert.

The General Parameters: In general, the advice is to choose a handy and light product, the right size for your home and the elevator, and comfortable for today’s parents who are always on the move.

Watch out for Safety: A very important fact to pay attention to when buying a trio is the safety level of the egg, which will be used to transport the child in the car.

2. Baby Pushchair

The baby pushchair is simply a category of the stroller, but it has specific characteristics. Thiѕ iѕ аnоthеr convenient option аѕ it саn bе adjusted tо serve thе purpose оf a pram аѕ wеll аѕ a stroller.

Yоu саn hаvе a flat seat fоr уоur infant, аnd сhаngе it tо a chair whеn he/she iѕ a fеw months old.

The biggest advantage of a baby pushchair is that you can pull out the crib part anywhere and whenever possible.

The cradle is the bed on which to rest the baby and you can simply take it out and put it back when you need it.

This would be very convenient if you are a person who travels frequently and needs to get your child in and out of the car or another vehicle.

Pushchairs are retractable strollers in length or width, generally for children of the 2nd age. They are very practical and mobile thanks to their impressive retraction capacity.

Rods are also available in two different sizes and are constantly being improved for greater comfort and safety.

3. Twin Prams

The twin pram is a very valid tool for those who have twins or two children close in age and there is only one person who must take both for walks.

On the market there are many models of twin duo or trio, also called twin wheelchairs, with carrycot and egg, but there are also compact and light models that can be used for 0 months, so even as a baby.

Both the twin and the double pram for different ages can be of two types: side by side, therefore with the two seats close together horizontally, or tandem or ” train “, with one sitting in front of the other.

Features to Look

Type: Twin prams can be of two types: tandem or “train”, therefore with one seat in front of the other, or side by side, with the two seats close together. So decide which one you need.

Dimensions: Twin prams are obviously bulkier and heavier than a single model, and for those who live in tight spaces or in an apartment building with a lift, it is necessary to know exactly the dimensions of the twin prams, both when open and closed.

It will also be necessary to know the dimensions of the door of your condominium and the front door, to avoid having to close the stroller even in these cases.

Weight: The weight of the twin prams is also a fundamental feature to keep an eye on when choosing the model that best suits your needs.

The tonnage of a twin model is not double compared to a single model, but it is still a heavy object even in the case of the lighter and more compact models. In general, it is preferable to choose a model that does not exceed 20 kilos, but it is almost impossible to find a twin stroller under 7-8 kg.

Frame: The frame of a light twin pram is almost always made of aluminum, a material that allows combining the robustness necessary to support two children to the handling required by parents.

When twins or siblings grow it is necessary that the structure of the pram is as light as possible because children will already weigh more and it is necessary to be able to count on a frame that does not affect the overall weight to be carried too much.

Wheels: If for single lightweight prams, wheels are an important but not strictly indispensable feature, in the case of double strollers it will be important that the frame has quality wheels to facilitate the work of the parents and avoid skidding or difficulty maneuvering the stroller.

Safety: Although the best brands of twin prams already have all the elements related to safety, it is important to dwell on this topic to be sure you are choosing a quality model.

Types of Strollers

1. Full-sized Stroller

These strollers are usually the biggest, heaviest and bulkiest among the bunch. So if you are just going out for quick trips or use public transits, this might not be ideal for bringing since it requires too much work in fitting it inside your vehicle or carrying it around.

Features to Look

Height of Handle: Begin with a stroller for a newborn. Try several different strollers to find one that you find most comfortable to walk around with. It is important that you pay particular attention to the handle, as it can be annoying if it is too high or low.

It may be advantageous to find a stroller that has the right height for you or a stroller where it is possible to adjust the handle itself. This is obvious for families where there is more to go with the stroller.

Storage Space: Sometimes you just want to go for a walk with your child in the stroller, but at other times you will also have errands or bags as well as bags that you need to take with you on a trip. If this is the case, then it is a good idea to find a stroller with storage space.

Easy to Fold: Most parents make use of folding the stroller, for example, if they have to carry it in the car or just want to put it away in the home so that it does not fill up so much. You should therefore consider whether to find a stroller where you can easily and quickly fold it when needed.

Find a stroller where you just need a single free hand to fold it. This will make it easier for you if you have the child in one arm and do not have the opportunity to help fold it.

Weight: The easier the stroller is, the easier it is to steer it, travel with it, pack it in the car, carry it up the stairs, etc. Today, very lightweight strollers weighing less than 10 kilos can be found.

Although some parents worry about whether the stroller is durable enough, if it is very lightweight, it is not a problem at all. The weight does not necessarily have anything to do with the quality, which is why a good stroller can easily be very light and high quality at the same time.

2. Lightweight Stroller

This stroller is much lighter than any other stroller and also cheaper. What makes this stroller unique is how small and comfortable it is to use, although not made for every terrain.

By now some of the priorities of many parents today are: getting around easily and traveling with your baby. For this reason, many choose a light, small, compact, handy stroller. Practically ideal if you want to go for a weekend in the mountains or at the beach with the little one.

Features to Look

The Fully Reclining Backrest: My advice is to opt for a model that has a 180-degree reclining backrest. At 6-7 months, infants still sleep a lot in the stroller, especially in the summer.

The Presence of the Footrest: It is necessary to pay attention to the footrest and make sure that it is present and adjustable; in this way, it will be able to support the baby’s legs when he sleeps and when he is sitting.

The Cushioning of the Wheels: Being a compact and light vehicle, it is very important that it has cushioned wheels so that it can cushion the blows and travel better even on uneven surfaces,” said Basile.

Single Handle: Umbrella strollers are hardly sold any more because those with the single handle are much more practical and allow parents to drive (and close) the stroller with one hand”.

The Dimensions: As for the dimensions, there are no big differences: «being“ practical ”products, this is an aspect to consider only if you have a lift or a very small trunk, otherwise they are all sufficiently compact. If you travel a lot, it might be convenient to take a model that goes into the hatbox, but it is not an essential requirement.

3. Jogging Stroller

Jogging is one of those things that will get you back in shape after having a baby. If you are not going to sign up for a gym or buy an indoor bike that you will probably never use, a stroller for running or “jogging” is practical and you will most likely use it while walking with children.

These best jogging strollers are designed to offer you smooth driving at high speeds even on uneven terrain. They will be useful to offer your child a comfortable ride, keeping them safe.

If you’re a sporty person and enjoy a jog in the afternoon, consider getting a jogger stroller for your baby. The main features of this stroller are the tires that can go for miles without worrying.

Features to Look

Large Rubber Wheels: A jogging stroller has three wheels. The two rear wheels are about 40 centimeters wide while the front wheel is about 30 centimeters. The purpose of the large diameter is to facilitate bumps when driving on rough roads so that the child is always comfortable. You will find that they have an “off-road” appearance that makes long runs effortless.

Lockable Front Wheel: Whether you’re using a pushchair with one or two front wheels, you’ll want it to have a locking ability on rough terrain. This prevents the wheels from turning sideways, which can be inconvenient and dangerous for the child.

Suspension System: This function deals with the pressure of the bumps and the effects of running. Jogging strollers will mainly have a rear suspension system.

Safety Harness: The safest is the five-point harness which keeps the child in a comfortable and safe position. It prevents the child from slipping so that he can safely enjoy the ride with his mom. One thing though; It is essential that your baby is at least six months old before he starts jogging with them. This is to ensure that they have gained enough neck strength and that they can sit on the stroller seat.

Brakes: This is the third most important feature in a jogging stroller or any other stroller for that purpose. They are essential as they prevent the stroller from rolling away when you stop to catch your breath or have a drink. The strollers that have brakes near the handlebars are comfortable as they allow you to slow down during the descent. The brakes can lock the wheels using one or two actions. We advise you to find the most comfortable brake system.

Deep Reclining Seat: A comfortable position for the child is when they are sitting upright as a pilot. If you are jogging with a baby, you will want the stroller to have a reclining seat so you can get the most comfortable position for the baby. Make sure that the leg holes can close so that the child does not slip through.

Adjustable Handlebar: This allows you and your spouse to use the same jogging stroller simply by adjusting the height of the handlebar. If you are taller than your spouse, you will want the handlebar to reach a comfortable height without being too high or too low when you hold or push your stroller.

4. Double Stroller

Double strollers are an indispensable tool for those who have twins or two children of close age and are looking for a single means of transport to take both of them for walks with just one driver. The double stroller must be light and easy to handle, but also comfortable and safe.

Twin stroller allows twins, but also two brothers of similar ages, to share the session, standing side by side or in front of each other in tandem or train mode.

Practical and easy to handle, the stroller for twins must be light in order to reduce the overall dimensions both when open and closed, also to be inserted, for example, in the trunk of a car.

Features to Look

Compatibility with a Baby Seat: Many models are compatible, thanks to a system of fasteners or an adapter sometimes provided at purchase, with car covers for newborns. The use of a shell provides optimal comfort for the baby, which is not necessary to wake up to switch from car to stroller and vice versa.

Maneuverability: Although intended for your children, the stroller will be taken in hand by you. You should therefore be comfortable using it. So consider taking a practical and easy-to-use double stroller. If you go out often, it will be important to check that the stroller is not too heavy and is easily foldable if you store it in the trunk of the car.

The autonomy of Adjustments: If possible, choose a model that allows you to adjust the accessories for each seat separately. Thus, the inclination of the seat, the canopy, or the footrest can be adapted to the needs of each child individually.

Security: The safety issue is very important if you want to know how to buy a better value-for-money double stroller. The model chosen must guarantee the safety of your toddlers while offering a reasonable cost. Focus on the braking system.

5. Travel System

Traveling with your baby is just one of the thousands of adventures you will face as parents. In this case, what you need is a faithful ally, a “family stroller/travel stroller” that will simplify your life on the move.

These types of stroller are usually sold in a combination of convenience strollers and infant car seats. It includes a stay-in-car base so you can place the baby in the car safely then bring her/him out for a stroll, and vice versa.

If your trip involves travel by air and public transport, the model of stroller that we recommend is the light one. Practical and easy to handle, the lightweight stroller has a maximum weight of 7 kg, fits easily into the trunk of cars, into space for suitcases of classic means of transport, such as buses and trains, and, in many cases, also in the luggage racks of aircraft as hand luggage.

Features to Look

Closing: The trunk of the car, the baggage compartment of the airplane, the train cabin, and the crowded buses. These are the places where the stroller will have to enter, so better to buy one that has a very compact closure.

The ideal would be a compact stroller that closes with the seat included, so as not to have the bulk of the two components, even better if with one hand or, in the most advanced products, even automatically, by pressing a button or levering on the handle.

Wheels: The travel stroller capable of tackling any type of itinerary certainly has large wheels with suspension, and all-terrain wheels, capable of facing any type of terrain, even the most uneven.

Better still if these wheels are also removable from the frame so that the closure can be more compact and the size of the stroller can be reduced in such a way as to be able to carry it with you without excessive effort on the plane or car.

Sitting: The seat of a travel stroller must be comfortable. Otherwise, there is a serious risk that, during a walk in the European capitals, a visit to an art gallery or a museum, the child will start to complain because, perhaps, he would like to sleep and cannot.

Therefore, you need a comfortable seat that always ensures maximum comfort for your child.

When to Switch from a Pram to a Stroller?

The growth and development of your child are also fundamental in terms of posture and balance. For this reason, although the wheelchair is the most practical solution during the early days, starting from 7-9 months when the baby should be able to maintain himself with an upright posture, it is advisable to change with the stroller.

This is because it is more resistant, can hold up to 15 kg of weight, and can be reclined to reconcile sleep during long walks. However, we recommend taking into account the right dimensions and also the structure of the frame, which is a good stroller that is very light to be able to reduce fatigue during transport.

Final Words

So, now we know the difference between a pram and a pushchair. Though, you don’t need to compromise – you can have it all with the Buy Best Baby Stroller! We will suggest you buy a 3-in-1 Travel System. It’s a pushchair, car seat, and bassinet, all in one!

Suitable for newborns and older babies, this stroller has three positions for your baby to lie flat, recline, or sit up, depending on your little one’s age and preference. It’s durable, but lighter than many other pushchairs on the market, and has a one-hand collapse mechanism so that it can be folded away easily. Plus, it’s a parent-facing pushchair, so you can always see your baby’s smiling face!

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