How To Open Chicco Stroller: Quick Steps Guide

Since its founding in 1950, Chicco has been a known manufacturer of top-quality infant products, such as its well-known strollers. With a blend of durability, comfort, and fashion, Chicco strollers are admired for their quick and easy opening mechanism that takes only five minutes. If you’ve recently purchased one, this tutorial will show you How to open Chicco stroller. Follow these steps to make sure you have a safe and smooth installation.


How to open Chicco Stroller?

Quick steps to open Chicco stroller:

Step 1. Push the quick-release button and press each of the four handles’ corners downwards altogether.

Step 2. Stroller will open, much like an open taco shell, then auto lock into position.

Step 3. To close the stroller, push the corner of each one until it pops back to its initial position. The strollers will lock into place when closed to provide extra security.

Step 4. If the lock must be reset, Simply push all four handles’ corners in one go until it clicks back into position.



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