Bugaboo vs Uppababy Stroller

This is our comparison between two popular strollers. Bugaboo vs Uppababy

bugaboo vs uppababy vista

There are two well-known stroller manufacturers with excellent reputations for producing quality, easy-to-use products: Bugaboo and UPPAbaby

The company has mastered the art of design so that its customers can benefit from each unique feature. Yet be able to meet universal needs like ease of use and safety!

I’m a mother of two, and I’ve been working with baby gear for over six years. In that time, the one thing that has helped me keep my sanity is knowing what kind of products are out there to make life easier when you’re parents!
I want other moms like myself – who may not have experience in this field to get excited about our options.

Despite their higher price tags, both companies’ strollers are popular worldwide. You want to make sure that you’re not investing in something because it’s popular. That’s why we created this guide to help you find your perfect stroller!

Uppababy Vista V2 vs Bugaboo Fox

Many parents are always looking for the best of breed when it comes to baby gear. If you’re one of these parents, you may have found two similar but not identical products in your search. The excellent Bugaboo fox and Upward Baby’s top-of-the-line Vista model. These two models share many features that would meet any family on wheels. Still, each has a unique quality that sets it apart from the rest.

Bugaboo Fox Review

Bug a boo baby Stroller is a solid product with an amazing track record. It might seem expensive, but when you think about how much your baby will love using this stroller. The quality features it comes with make it well worth the investment!

I have always wanted to be able to carry around my little one in style. Finally, moms who have lost their independence after delivery have something to rely on.

It is a high-performance, all-around stroller that is perfect for families on the go. . It has been proven to be agile and easy to fold which makes taking care of your child quick & effortless!


The baby stroller is designed with three different reclining positions to match the mood of your little one. It is possible to adjust the seat to accommodate an infant who wants to nap or explore.

Moreover, you can adjust the seat orientation so that your baby is facing either you or the street!

Car Seat Compatible

The baby Bugaboo is a car seat-compatible stroller which can easily attach to the Britax, Chicco, or Nuna infant car seats. This innovative frame can easily be connected to another seat through an adapter!

The Baby’s Bassinet

The stroller offers an elegant and roomy space for your little one. Fabric is specially designed to meet the current needs of infants. It’s soft yet durable so you won’t worry when washing or wearing this piece of equipment!

As the bassinet has a handle, it can use to transport when necessary at any time. There is also a soft leather covering which gives you a better grip while holding to your palms.

Weight and Size

The Booga boo fox stroller is among the lightest and most compact of its line. Its weight is about 21 pounds, so taking it on the road or packing it up for travel is more convenient. If you compare it to other Bugaboo models such as the Donkey at 28 lbs, this is a huge difference!

The dimensions of the stroller when folded are approximately 26 x 21 x 7 inches. Thus, it is perfect for traveling when you don’t want something too bulky or heavy.

Sun Protection

The baby Bugaboo is a high-quality, safe stroller that’s been tested by the manufacturer. According to them, this product has gone through 1500 safety checks. Using it will make you feel confident that your baby is safe and sound!

A stroller is a great option for parents who want to be able to stay cool and protected while out in the sun. This product features an adjustable canopy with high UV protection. There is no doubt that the best feature of the canopy is that it extends far and wide to cover all the exposed parts of the bassinet.

It also serves as an excellent rain cover which you’ll want in any climate where it rains often or can be expected to be rainy conditions at some point during your day!

The canopy can be washed, which means that it won’t get dirty as quickly and you’ll always have fresh air around the baby!

One downside: no mesh windows allow only limited visibility into what’s going on inside; however this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The Suspension System

Bugaboo’s Fox is a high-quality stroller that has been designed with the needs of parents in mind. The wheels and suspension system provide a smooth ride, allowing you to take on any terrain without fear of getting stuck.

If another type of all-terrain model is being pushed, a sudden change in floor level may cause discomfort. On the other side, the Bugaboo’s off-road capabilities are well-known.

Handlebar Adjustment

Buggy uses an innovative frame design that lets you adjust the height of your handlebars from about 35 to 42 inches. This is great for parents with back problems or who are tall.

Storage Capacity

The Bugaboo Fox is a stroller without side pockets, but it comes with ample storage in the lower basket. It can carry up to 22 pounds of baby items or even your entire bag for diapers!

No matter what orientation you choose for the baby’s seat, the storage basket can still be accessed. All of its contents are easily accessible from either side.

Why Choose Bugaboo Fox

Bugaboo’s latest invention, the fox stroller is perfect for parents who need a compact option that will work in any setting.

Not only does Bugaboooo boast its tires can handle serious sand storms but also urbane streets with ease! This sleek piece of engineering has really set itself apart from all other competitors in today’s market. It provides users with both city functionality and beachgoer reliability. Find out about other beach strollers.

The baby stroller Bugaboo Fox is a great option for parents who only have one child. It isn’t as adaptable as its competitor Uppababy. Since it can’t accommodate multiple kids of varying ages and weights but does allow you to use the stroller up to 48 pounds in weight or 4 years old worth of walking assistance!

  • All-terrain stroller
  • Single-hand push and steering
  • Adjustable handlebar for different heights
  • Car seat and bassinet compatible
  • Does not convert from single to double stroller
  • Customization requires additional purchases

UPPAbaby Vista V2 Review

The UPPAbaby Vista V2 is the perfect choice for parents who are looking to get a luxury stroller that can hold up to three children. This versatile, easy-to-fold stroller comes with little additions like bassinets and child seats that will meet all your needs!

The V2 is more of an urban vehicle than one for off-roading. Yet, it does provide a smooth ride when navigating crowded streets.


The UPPAbaby V2 is the perfect seat for your little one. It can carry a child weighing up to 27 pounds.

There is a ventilated, breathable mattress on the seat that provides maximum comfort. This will also give kids their first taste of traveling in style.

Second Seat

Uppababy prams can be turned into double tandem strollers by adding a RumblerSeat! The seat can be added in front or at the back.

Putting it in the front gives you room for a large basket filled with baby items. When it is attached to the back, the child’s feet end up in the basket taking up a lot of space.

It has five-point harnesses and the option to recline both seats simultaneously or separately using a one-hand lever, which makes it easy for mom! Due to its adjustable canopy height (upwards of 3 extra inches), this may be your go-to double-riding duo since they were born.

Turn into Travel System

The model can be transformed into a travel system by attaching the Mesa car seat (which is sold separately) directly onto the frame. You’ll find color-changing indicators that turn red when installation isn’t correct and into green when it’s done right!

The stroller has been designed to be compatible with popular car seats from brands such as Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, and Graco. You will need a separate adapter for each type of seat.

Standing Platform

If you have an older child that is too old for strollers but can’t keep up with the rest of your family members on foot. UPPAbaby has what they need. The company calls it “PiggyBoard” and it’s made out of wood! Attach it to the back of the stroller and you are ready to roll. It features a weight limit of up to 55 lbs.


I’m absolutely in LOVE with this bassinet! The new Vista Stroller includes a matching, removable bassinet that plugs right onto the frame instead of having you install an additional seat. It weighs 8 lbs and is designed for babies from birth up until 20 pounds. So it’ll be strong enough even if your little one grows fast as mine did.

Moreover, you can remove the bassinet for use at home with your little one as an extra bedside sleep trainer.

The bassinet features a mesh-lined perforated mat and vented base that allows for increased breathability. The mattress inside is very soft, made out of organic material with an extra layer on top!

Sun Protection

The Uppababy pram canopy is not only large but also has a sun visor that extends all the way to the bumper bar. Made out of high-quality woven fabric and wrinkle-resistant material this awesome option will protect your child from any harmful UV rays! You can slide it up or down depending on how old they are so there’s no need for them to get Sunburned anytime soon!

Handlebar Adjustment

The stroller has a telescoping handlebar that goes from 39.5 to 42. This means it’s comfortable for taller and shorter parents alike! You can extend it by pushing the button in the middle of the handlebar and pulling it up. Simple!

The new handlebar covers on all UPPAbaby Vista strollers are made of high-quality leather, which is REACH-certified and doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Storage Space

The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is a great choice for those who need to transport their baby and all the supplies. It has ample storage capacity, with an under-seat basket that can carry up to 30 pounds!

Fold and Unfold

It is extremely easy to fold and unfold. One-step, super quick process can be done with or without the seat attached!

There is only one drawback I found, which is that it takes up a lot of room when you fold it because of its bulkiness. This is a minor flaw. However, it is not noticeable while walking around town.

Why Choose the UPPAbaby

Vista stroller is a top pick for those who want to ensure their investment goes as far as possible. This cheerful, well-ventilated is created by Uppababy with longevity in mind. This versatile product begins as a single unit for your newborn with all its bells and whistles. You can buy additional accessories if you want to extend this design for two or even three smaller children.

Our favorite part about the stroller is that the bassinet included can be used alone. It is a convenient naptime sleep option because it encourages airflow.

The UPPAbaby V2 Vista’s got what it takes. With an easily removable bassinet, two detachable seats (one infant insert included!), four-wheel options including swivel ones so they’re easier on both parent AND kid like- this might just be the best choice out there!

  • Adaptable for up to 3 children
  • Converts into double
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers
  • Reversible seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Compatible with car seat and bassinet
  • Requires additional accessories for adapting to multiple kids
  • Bulky fold
  • Heavyweight stroller

Final Words

Bugaboo Stroller vs Uppababy V2. You can’t go wrong with either one!

It is quite hard to know which stroller is the best for your needs. With so many features and options, it might take some time before making up YOUR mind about which stroller is right for YOU.

The Uppababy Vista V2 is perfect for mothers like me who want to push more than one child at a time.

If I only planned to take one child on a stroll, then the baby stroller Bugaboo Fox would be what catches my eye.

If you’re interested in other luxury strollers, like Uppababy Vista and Bugaboo Fox, here’s a list of the top luxury strollers for you!

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