Baby Jogger City Select LUX Review

The Baby Jogger City Select has been a very popular stroller on the market for years, and its ability to adapt is one of many reasons why. However, recently there was an upgrade introduced:

The LUX version! Although it comes with several upgrades over the original model such as infinite seating configurations and upgraded fabrics that are machine washable. This baby buggy will be sure to please parents everywhere who want their little ones safe along with them wherever they go.

Baby Jogger City Select LUX Review

The “Lux” model of the stroller features fancier seats, a smaller fold with an automatic lock, and a hand brake/decelerator. The Lux also has an all-wheel suspension for smoother rides as well as an optional bench seat and a zippered pocket behind the seating area or mesh peek-a-boo window to be seen through from inside.

The bench seat offers an older sibling a more dignified ride than they would get from other seats available on most sit ‘n stand products or even many standard strollers out there today. With this product, you’ll be able to give your little one that cool, “ride-on” capability in a higher-end luxury model instead of settling for something basic like those found with competitors’.

When it comes to color selection, the upgraded seat fabric of this stroller is unlike any other. You can choose from a variety of classy colors: taupe, port, granite, slate blue, and indigo black (the heathered slate blue really draws your eye). No matter which style you go for – economy or luxury-level sit ‘n stands – there’s no comparison when it comes to quality materials like these!

What We Love in City Select LUX

The City Select LUX is the perfect stroller for parents who want to have something that can grow with their children. See why we prefer this stroller over other models

A Wide Range of Seating Combinations

The Lux has four more seating possibilities than the regular City Select (because of the addition of a bench seat) and it’s not just because you can use two-seat parent-facing. With 20 possible combinations, there are plenty that will please your whole family. For example, one child likes to face forward while another prefers facing backward, or both infants sit side by side front-to-back on their own reclining seats with enough room in between them. So they’re comfortable. Even when using an infant car seat which usually takes up all available space for seated passengers at this age range (except with both forwards facing).

The City Select is the perfect stroller for those with more than one child, or a child who needs to recline. All seats can be reclined and adjusted separately from one another which allows you to create individualized comfort spaces for each passenger in your ride-along party!

The Bench Seat

The bench seat is my favorite thing about this stroller. Parents will be able to use the Lux for years more than they could with a regular double without a bench seat. The truth is that many three-year-olds just don’t want to get buckled into our standard child seats anymore!

As an active toddler, my son would rather walk or ride his balance bike. He loves the freedom of bouncing around instead of being restricted to sitting in a stroller seat. One thing I love about the bench is how easy it makes stop for rest and then hop right back on again when he’s ready at places like zoos where there are plenty of benches! (Note that kids shouldn’t stand while riding so this bench doesn’t work as a standing board even though you can get additional glider boards if needed).

The bench seat is a great way to give your baby some support and comfort, but unfortunately, the glider board cannot be used simultaneously. The footrest for the bench seats attaches in exactly the same place as where you would attach an infant car seat or any other accessory making it impossible to do both at once.

The Decelerator Feature

The decelerating feature of the hand brake relieves you from this worry, as it can just be squeezed to slow down your stroller without having to lean backward. This is a great safety-conscious option usually only found in upscale jogging strollers like the Baby Jogger City LUX, which makes sense because many users will have their bigger kid pulling on an uphill descent (inertia!).

Stroller Fold up Compactly

Thedouble strolleris 30% more compact when folded (compared to the regular version of this product) and automatically locks, making it easier for users to carry. The all-wheel suspension provides increased comfort while also improving control over an all-terrain stroller. A decelerating hand brake further enhances the user’s ability to navigate through different terrains with ease.

Adjustable Footrest and Reclines

The City Select Lux stroller reclines super deep with the push of a button; this is perfect for newborns or infants who need to use an infant insert. However, due to its molded bucket seat, it will never recline completely flat and thus cannot accommodate babies beyond age 6 months without using another car seat/bassinet solution like the Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat(sold separately).

A Large Storage Basket

The City Select Lux storage basket is truly enormous, big enough to hold all you could ever need while out with a baby. As a double stroller, the second seat does take up room in this area but there’ll always be plenty of space for your diaper bag and some blankets.

Safety Always Comes First

The Lux stroller has some wonderful features that will keep your baby safe. It has two brakes that are located on the handlebars to help keep your child safe. The hand brake is great for slowing down quickly and parking safely, while the foot-operated parking brake works well in hilly areas or when you need more stability.

The decelerating brake is a great feature for slowing the stroller down while going downhill, and it comes with an adjustable five-point safety harness as well as a UV 50+ canopy.

Smooth Ride with Foam-Filled Big Wheels

The Lux is great for parents who want to take their children on dirt, gravel, or grass paths. It has foam-filled wheels that make it easy and smooth enough to push even with the four-wheel suspension system but locking of the front wheels will be needed if you are taking your baby through more uneven areas like sand, dirt, or mud.

Some parents have complained that the suspension is not as good as they’d like it to be.

What We Don’t Love

Heavy Stroller

The Baby Jogger City Select LUX in single mode weighs 30.5 pounds, and 34 when in double mode – making it not the easiest stroller to lift into trunks or carry up flights of stairs.

Hand Brake

You may find the hand brake useful once you’re used to it. However, it’s really poorly placed, right where you’d be holding to push.

Converting for Multiple Children

When you purchased your Baby Jogger City Select Lux double stroller, it came with a toddler seat so that the stroller could be converted into a double. However, in order to transform this single baby carriage into two seats for children up to 40 lbs each (a total of 80 lbs), an additional purchase is necessary.

This seat will come with the appropriate adaptors for conversion. You can clip them onto your stroller frame and then click on this new one to have a second child’s place!

This stroller can accommodate two children in three different ways. To use this stroller as a double with one child facing forward and the other seated behind, simply purchase car seat adaptors specific to your car seats. These attach directly to the frame allowing for easy installation of both seats.

This configuration is great if you have toddlers that still need their own space while also having an infant or baby who needs proper support and cushioning from bumps on walks around town! If using only one toddler seat instead of two, be sure it’s attached securely by checking all locks before taking out into public areas. Just like how we do when installing our son’s convertible car seat properly so he doesn’t get injured during travel which could cause us a major problem.

  • A smooth ride with excellent maneuverability
  • Ample storage space
  • Long handlebars accommodate tall parents
  • Heavy to Lift
  • Needs to buy accessories separately

Other Parent’s Opinion About Strollers

We were not looking forward to spending a lot of money on the double stroller we wanted, but this one seemed like it would last. We went to a large retail store and tested some with our 2-year-old son. It felt great and collapsed in a manageable size for my wife while also being easy enough to turn around in tight areas when needed. So we decided that splurging was worth it since there are better materials used along with other features included. The only complaint is having add-ons you must purchase separately which can get pricey depending upon what kinds your child might need or want such as trays, cup holders, toys, etc.

Accessories To Buy With Double Stroller

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